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Sanctum reptiles, I guess you could say started out in 2009 when I got my first albino ball python. I didn't know a lot about ball pythons but I knew I wanted the albino ever since the first time I saw one. With the asking price at that time being $1,500, that idea went almost as soon as it came. However, as I got older the price went down and I could finally afford to have one! I purchased my albino from a well known breeder. After he showed me his amazing collection, I was speechless! I had no idea that there were so many types of ball pythons morphs with the different colors and designs! I was instantly addicted! Now four years later and over sixty snakes, I can't seem to find anything better to spend my money on. And with my collection to a nice, manageable point, I'm starting to get a little more selective in my pairing and buying while maintaining a clean and healthy environment to ensure quality one of a kind snakes.